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Guest Appearances



He’s handy on a mic (VGST podcast), proficient with words (Gamespot) and will throw you a tasty bassline in seconds… say hi to James.


Cody Hulkes • SadC The Clown

There any many faces of the laughing enigma known as SadC The Clown. From the comically large convention-creeping head to a nightmarish and nocturnal illustrative genius.


Mark Neal • RTR FM / Odlaw

Reppin’ the West Aussie music scene since forever, Mark Neal is a man of multiple musical hats. He can be found broadcasting Out To Lunch, strumming it with Odlaw and The Disappointed, booking bands and more.


Arne Åsmund • Solo Musician

With a masterful balance of beauty and macabre comedy, Arne Åsmund is truly one of a kind. Hailing from Norway, Arne has several eerie albums to his name and a very bright (or dark) future.


Ryan Betson • The PopCulturists

Cooking content chemicals with an explosive delivery, Ryan is one of the leading creatives behind The PopCulturists. As a Playstation pro and wrestling raconteur… he’s totally mad, man!


Dane Pevy • Pushin Through Blu

With a mission to improve mental health awareness, Dane sparks the needed conversations around struggles with anxiety, depression and more. He’s also a huge DBZ fan, if y’know what I’m Saiyan?


Clarke Matthew • Music Teacher

With a fine-tuned musical skillset and depth of knowledge, Clarke teaches Music and Production at Brisbane’s Corinda State High. Did he make the grade on Take My Tone?


Will Blackburn • Bored Shorts

As a core member of Sydney’s Bored Shorts (and other bands), Will Blackburn is a wilberforce to be reckoned with. He’d also rather swing a drumstick than a hammer.


David Olney • Blind Insights

As a Human Performance Consultant, David Olney trains people and teams to embrace and apply creative problem solving. Get philosophical with David on Blind Insights and Strategikon.


Teila Packman • TAPES

With serious vocal dynamics, Teila Packman is the passionate and powerful lead singer of Melbourne Neo-Soul outfit TAPES.


Tim Caramia • Checking Locks

Equally ambient and epic, Tim Caramia is the mastermind behind Checking Locks. His fine-tuned craft is only seconded by a wealth of beer knowledge.


Jemma Edwards • The Young And The Wrestlers

Never shy to drop some Wrestling know-how on ya, Jem is also a pro Piercer by day. With a love of loud and live music, her passion for music rocks hard.


Jessi Stevenson • Rockamummy

Not all heroes wear capes, but Rockamummy could make you one. From cosplay creations to gaming sensations, she’s our Twitch-streamin’ supermum!


Toya Haynes • The First Time I Heard…

Reppin’ USA, Toya Haynes is a multi-media music and lifestyle journalist, podcast host and mental health advocate. So What’s Good, Toya?


Dylan Blight • Explosion Network

With a love for pop culture as expressive as his eyebrows, Dylan will Blight your way through today’s content overload, and give you the need to know.


Tom Higgins • Firing Squad Media

Holding pop culture under fire, Tom Higgins takes his whiskey like he talks: straight. Firing Squad Media is so fresh, it just left the barrel!


Tim Green • Yeah G’Day!

With a vast wealth of Australian knowledge (powered by Wikipedia), Tim has been known to decorate his Weet-Bix with a well-placed fig.


David Savill • Barely Audible

When not wearing wigs to podcast festivals, Dave finds fun in the weird and wonderful on Barely Audible. He may also 3D print you a chicken coop.


Drew Agnew • The House Of Mario

This South Aussie farmer will just as readily pour a pint as he would talk about Nintendo. Drew welcomes you to The House Of Mario.


Andrew Peirce • The Curb

A fiend for film and a Perth-proud pet pal, Andrew brings his A-game with The Curb. Can also be found running amok with premium hotdogs.


Buddy Watson • Dash Culture

Forged from Platinum trophies, Buddy is a League legend, popcorn-powered movie man and karaoke krazy. Currently working on ‘Top…’ lists.


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Simon Says

A lifelong fan of music that delivers heaviness, groove, obscurity and raw emotion. When not playing music, Simon is surely talking about it every week on Take My Tone. He also hosts Apple Slice Podcast monthly.