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David Olney (Blind Insights / Strategikon) brings anthemic artillery with fearless attitude.

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Written by Queensryche
From the album ‘American Soldier’
© 2009 • Rhino Records


Here To Stay

Simon Blackburn (Take My Tone) drowns inner demons through Korn’s soul-bearing sound.

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Written by Korn
From the album ‘Untouchables’
© 2002 • Epic

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The Guest


David Olney
Blind Insights / Strategikon

Based in Adelaide (South Australia), David is a former Associate Lecturer at The University of Adelaide and current Associate at SAGE International Australia.

As a Human Performance Consultant, David trains people and teams to embrace and apply creative problem solving.

Get philosophical with David on Blind Insights and Strategikon - two exceptional podcasts.

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Facebook • /blindinsights
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Network • auscastnetwork.com

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