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The Songs


Aldous Harding

Will Blackburn (Bored Shorts) reaches in to present an entrancing Aldous Harding treasure.

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Written by Aldous Harding
From the album ‘Designer’
© 2019 • 4AD Ltd


Idiot Oracle
Paul Dempsey

Simon Blackburn (Take My Tone) delivers a delicate display of Dempsey’s emotive songwriting.

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Written by Paul Dempsey
From the album ‘Strange Loop’
© 2016 • EMI Music Australia

The Videos

The Guest


Will Blackburn
Bored Shorts

As a driving force within Sydney’s jangled indie-rock 5 piece Bored Shorts, Will provides rhythmic rationale wherever the stick lands. His seemingly sporadic approach to music merely veils the talents of a truly meticulous muso.

Catch some fresh Bored Shorts sounds at the end of this episode.

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Facebook • /boredshortsmusic
Instagram • @boredshorts_

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